Perhaps, Penelope

This is a story about a 2nd grade student, Penelope who is fully included into her home school of Willard Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois. In this piece, we explore the tough decisions that Matt and Megan Lassman went through to get to this place… Please watch and share

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Come watch the viewing of “Perhaps, Penelope”


Perhaps, Penelope

Rather than just posting another video blog here at Pepsi with Brigid, we are going to have a viewing event first at Inclusion Solutions along with a discussion. We have shared the story of the Lassman’s several times now.   We sit down with Matt and Megan to discuss how Penelope is being included into their neighborhood school for the first time this year. Most parents who have a child with disabilities, are rookies and are simply left to trust the school systems and what they are being offered. Matt and Megan share with us the impact that it’s having on them, their family and the community.

Please join us

April 10th at 7pm
Inclusion Solutions office
2000 Greenleaf
Evanston, Illinois 60202