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My mom and I decided to do this video blog together after I read a post from a friend on Facebook where he said that he wished he could have spent more time with his mom and share his business with her... I am fortunate that my parents live in Evanston still and I am able to share this with her.

Sister Pat’s View on Aging

So, several months ago, my mom came to me and wanted to discuss growing old and how people age with dignity. Our family has had some wonderful experiences with Sister Pat and the Addolorata Villa in Wheeling, Illinois and so … Continue reading

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Out of Poverty and Talking to Power

In this episode of Pepsi with Brigid, we interview Vanessa Garcia, a young woman who grew up in poverty and who was inspired by Marianne Williamson at her Sister Giant conference to do something about her situations and others like … Continue reading

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Perhaps, Penelope

This is a story about a 2nd grade student, Penelope who is fully included into her home school of Willard Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois. In this piece, we explore the tough decisions that Matt and Megan Lassman went through … Continue reading

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Come watch the viewing of “Perhaps, Penelope”

  Rather than just posting another video blog here at Pepsi with Brigid, we are going to have a viewing event first at Inclusion Solutions along with a discussion. We have shared the story of the Lassman’s several times now. … Continue reading

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Fighting Poverty: Where do you start?

Have you ever thought that the idea of Poverty is just to big to think about, much less get involved with?  Me too. After the earthquake in Haiti, I traveled there as a friend of a local organization in Evanston, … Continue reading

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The FDR Memorial – A Story of a Statue (a conversation with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt)

Brigid and Patrick Hughes have a conversation with FDR’s granddaughter Anna Eleanor Roosevelt about the FDR Memorial in Washington DC. They discuss how the artist was recommissioned to come back after the memorial was dedicated to depict President Roosevelt in his wheelchair. She discusses how this decision came to be.

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Remembering Brian Hughes – Innocence, Prison, Mental Illness, AIDS and Family

My parents Pat and Brigid Hughes sat down with me to discuss what it was like to raise a child with mental illness.  It has been 5 years since my brother Brian died and today (April 24th) would have been … Continue reading

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