Inspired by a posting on Facebook other social media savvy friends and my company nudging me to tell some of the stories that I hear and see everyday, here is our video blog.  I decided to team up with my mom, Brigid because I always reach out to her to strategize or get a “gut check” on an issue.  Having raised 8 kids, she has seen a lot and dealt with a lot.

We are looking forward to the unknown of this blog and excited about the possibilities of meeting new people and introducing people that we already know to you.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us as we begin this adventure.

Special Thanks to:  Maday Productions, Karen Putz, Eric Bryn, Inclusion Solutions,  and Chris Conn at

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I understand exactly what Pat said “I couldn’t give him an answer”. I couldn’t give my son Jim an answer either. His questions came from a world I couldn’t enter. Why, why why??? We could give all the love we and their sisters and brothers had and that was a help on the tough road Jim and Brian were on. Oh it was so great that you were able to get Brian out of Texas and later out of prison entirely.
    Jean Peters

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