The Penelope Impact – the impact of one child on a community (Documentary film)

When a parent has child with a disability, the roadmap is not always clear.  Parents rely on building networks of people who have been there before, schools systems and current policies, etc…  Where and how any child is educated is an experiment at best – when it comes to students with disabilities, the world gets much more complex with IEP’s (individualized education program) along with this are often lawyers, and teams of professionals trying to guide the “proper”education for these kids.  Often, the menu offered to the family/parents is limited.

Here is a story about Penelope Lassman who started out at age 3 in a segregated school for kids with significant disabilities in Evanston, Illinois.  Matt and Megan, Penelope’s parents wanted more for Penelope and pushed for her to be in their neighborhood school.

Please watch this story of one family’s challenge and how the community school rose to the occasion.


“The Penelope Impact” – a documentary film about 4 years of inclusion in a neighborhood school in Evanston, Illinois

We are hosting a private viewing for Willard Elementary School in Evanston of The Penelope Impact next Wednesday, but then will be posting this for everyone to view following that event… Stay tuned.