Meet The Lassmans – The impact of disability on the family

Please meet my friends, the Lassmans.  7 years ago, their daughter Penelope was born and there began a wild road of learning how to live with a child with disabilities and how it has impacted their whole family.  They also discuss how important community and friends have been in their experience.

Several years ago, (before I was thinking about blogging) I interviewed them because I was very moved by a story they told me and I put it on video because I thought Oprah Winfrey would have appreciated it…  I haven’t heard from her yet, so please watch it, it blew me away and I think it will you… (please excuse the bad hair in the intro)

My goal with sharing the Lassmans with you is to say that when the community engages and supports families like the Lassmans, our world is a better place.  Please talk with each other and take the time to


About Pepsi with Brigid

My mom and I decided to do this video blog together after I read a post from a friend on Facebook where he said that he wished he could have spent more time with his mom and share his business with her... I am fortunate that my parents live in Evanston still and I am able to share this with her.
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2 Responses to Meet The Lassmans – The impact of disability on the family

  1. Jo Holzer says:

    Patrick —
    A sweet and loving tribute to these parents. Very special folks. And, my special thanks to you for all that you do.

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