Two Worlds Come Together To Make A Deaf Friendly Business

Do you believe in coincidences?

In early February, I received a call at work from a McDonald’s franchisee in Morganton, North Carolina asking about our OrderAssist system to make drive thrus accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.  Then about a week later, I received a call from a teacher at the North Carolina School for the Deaf also in Morganton, North Carolina.   This teacher, Rene told me that she teaches a unique class of students and that they were interested in making their town more “deaf friendly”.  They had seen a video that our company had posted several years ago and it prompted them to contact me.

Rather than just send information to the students via email or snail mail, I suggested that maybe it would make more sense to come and see them in person.  So I asked my mom, Brigid to join me and we took off on a Thursday morning and flew to Morganton.  We had dinner that evening with the 5 students, Ms Skelton and the Principal.  The following morning I gave a presentation to the entire school about our efforts to make drive thrus accessible in North America.  Heather Joyner and the 5 students ended up joining me on stage to share the news that Heather was going to install our OrderAssist at two of their locations.  After the presentation, a small group of us went over to McDonald’s and installed the system together.

It takes good people:

Heather and Patrick Joyner, the owners of this McDonald’s are wonderful people.  Their business is very impressive.  They have been hiring people with disabilities for a long time and make it a priority.

After this nice, long day, we say down and just talked about what happened – check it out…

Basic Stats:

28 Million People are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (10% of US population)

  • 2 Million Deaf
  • 26 Million Hard of Hearing

Additional Information:

To see how OrderAssist works watch this news story

Here is the survey that we took as a company in 2004 FINAL_Report_Re_Drive_Thrus_2004

To find other locations with OrderAssist –

I hope these students realized that they can truly impact the world – they just impacted ours!

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