A Simple Lunch

In 1991, I had lunch with Sandra Goldin and my world shifted.  In this episode, my mom, Brigid and I visit with Sandra and her boyfriend Jim to discuss that initial meeting.  That lunch was the catalyst for me creating the company Inclusion Solutions

About Pepsi with Brigid

My mom and I decided to do this video blog together after I read a post from a friend on Facebook where he said that he wished he could have spent more time with his mom and share his business with her... I am fortunate that my parents live in Evanston still and I am able to share this with her.
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4 Responses to A Simple Lunch

  1. Marian Kurz says:

    Love has no barriers. It is the ultimate inclusion solution.
    Marian Kurz

  2. Adela says:

    Fantastic post. Inspiring to see the lasting impression one individual can make on someone else.

  3. cathe says:

    How lucky so many people are Pat that you had that 1st lunch with Sandra!!

  4. Sue Patton says:

    I know Jim and Sandra- they are wonderful people. I loved the story about how they met, it shows us all what true love looks like. Thanks for sharing this!

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